Edmonton and Biodiversity - Rian Hoyle

Environment   Nov 21, 2019 by Rian Hoyle

Following up with my email to the mayor I heard from Catherine Shier, the Ecological Planner in the city's Planning Department, and I learnt all the amazing things Edmonton is doing to support biodiversity.  It was very nice to hear that Edmonton is doing so much for biodiversity, especially because we are in a landlocked area with less variety of wildlife.  

Since 1913 we have protected natural sites like the River Valley but in more recent years there have been numerous projects implemented to work with the 2020 Biodiversity Targets. In 2007 the Natural Connections plan was published which is a conservation plan for our wildlife, then in 2008, a complete biodiversity report was released that outlines all the organisms we coexist with in the city and surrounding areas. The most surprising document was the Wildlife passage Engineering Design which I was told is a program unique to Edmonton and we are one of the only city's to have a plan like this. In 2010 it was published and it is still used today, it is meant to provide a plan on how to deal with construction when it intersects with a natural passage like a ravine. Its goal is to ensure that the animals will be safe during and after construction (having safe passages over the road, etc) and that the natural habitat will be disrupted as little as possible. Most recently there is a collaboration with the University of Alberta on a Wildlife Monitoring Project. 

I am so grateful to live in a city that values biodiversity and is actively working to ensure that our plants and animals are living safely. There are multiple museums that show off biodiversity as well as most of our parks near the River Valley inform visitors of animals that could be in the area. 

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