Maddy, Edmonton-Activity 4

Nov 19, 2019 by Maddy

Through my cities official website, I was able to contact Mayor Don Iveson and send him a quick message about Edmonton and how they support Canada's Biodiversity Goals. He did not get back to me, but instead my message was forwarded to Catherine Shier, Edmonton's Ecological Planner. She gave me a ton of insight into what the city is doing to support the ecological goals. 

In 2007 the city started incorporating mitigating biodiversity loss into account during municipal planning. In that same year, Council approved the Natural Connections Plan which outlined the ways municipal planning will adhere to protecting biodiversity levels.  In 2008 the city completed a biodiversity report with the findings after a year of the Natural Connections Plan. 

All in all, it seems like Edmonton is doing its best to balance modernization with maintaining biodiversity levels. Clearly the current government is actively putting together new ideas to keep Edmonton eco-friendly. A challenge they may face is the new provincial government, and their plans to push the oil and gas industry. However, as long as Edmonton continues to do what they are doing, the city will be meeting their biodiversity goals. 

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