Lorna, Ontario: Acitivty 2

Education   Nov 18, 2019 by Lorna Phan
  • My local Natural History Museum the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). 
  • The biome my city belongs in is a Deciduous Forest Biome.
  • Some notable organisms from my local area are animals such as White-tailed Deer, Moose, Elk, and Caribou. As for plants there are columbine, hyssops, fireweed flowers and of course, oak, maple and beech trees that make up our deciduous biome.
  • The biodiversity in my area is slowly improving, The pollution in Toronto has been and area of focus regarding the concerns of the environment. To fight off this issue, Toronto has been trying to implement more biodiversity and has also been holding off urbanization, which was rapidly developed in Toronto.

One of the species that are endangered within the GTA are the Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander.

  • Why are these records important?

These records of what biome one lives in, the species that coexist with them and the endangered species within the region are important because people are able to keep track of changes throughout time. Having knowledge on these also allows us to know what we need to do to improve the environment.

  • Why do you feel this question could be important? Is it important?

These questions could be important as it leads people towards researching the environment in their area. It also provides more knowledge about their area and how environmentally involved it is. These questions are definitely important as it has helped me learn where I can inform myself more about our natural history, I now know the biome that I live in and what species make up its ecosystem. It has also pushed me to discover whether my area is trying to maintain the conditions of the environment. Lastly, I now know what animal is endangered in my area and I feel more interested in the environment it requires to thrive. If these questions had this impact on me, then it possibly will for others too.

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