Humaira Ahmed, Regina, Activity 2

Environment   Nov 17, 2019 by Humaira Ahmed
  1. - My local Natural History Museum is the Royal Saskatchewan Museum located in Regina, Saskatchewan.  The museum was opened in 1906. The  museum's purose is the educate the community through programs, displays, and research. Royal Saskatchewan Museum extends the understanding of Saskatchewan's natural history and aboriginal culture including the past and present of it. The  Royal Saskatchewan Museum include displays of aboriginal culture & activities, dinosaur displays, nature still life, and large displays of animals. Galleries the  Royal Saskatchewan Museum have are life science, First Nation, earth science, and travelling exhibits.            - The biome my city belongs in is cool temperate steppe.                                                                                                                    -  Some notable organisms from my local area are: Jack rabbits, crows, gophers, foxes,deer, Canadian goose, etc                                -  I think the biodiversity in Regina in decent, but it may be decreasing from habitat loss from land demolishment. The land demolishment is for making room for houses, industry, product storage, building, etc. Most of the land demolishment happens on the border around Regina. For example, Costco store was moved from inside the city to the outside of the city and new stores built too. Another example is an area slightly outside Regina where houses and product storage is being build, the area used to be a prairie. 
  2. The most endangered animals in Saskatchewan are: burrowing owls, piping plover, sage grouse, swift fox, and whooping crane.  

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