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Environment   Nov 17, 2019 by Declan hartery

The closest Natural History Museum to me is the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. My city of Saint John is situated in a cool temperate forest biome. Saint John is host to a very large population of moose, deer, waterfowl and birds, most of which are common across the entirety of New Brunswick. The biodiversity in my area is still strong, but the forests are always being clear cut and replanted with singular species of trees, severely negatively affecting our biodiversity. 

The most endangered animal in my area appears to be the thorny skate, a marine animal that resides in the Atlantic ocean along the Canadian and European borders. It is at vulnerable level, nearly endangered. However, it would appear that the records are in dire need of updates, the last update on the thorny skate was nearly 15 years ago. Considering the population was declining then, it should be a priority to do another assessment to see where population levels are at today. These records are essential for government agencies and conservation societies so that they can tell where the most failing biodiversity is and which sectors of the economy need be restricted or what laws need to be passed to ensure the safety and propagation of these endangered species. 

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