Melanie T & Lorna Phan, Brampton, Activity 4

Education   Nov 12, 2019 by Melanie Tran

Greetings Mr. Brown, 

Our names are Melanie Tran and  Lorna Phan, we are currently grade twelve students at David Suzuki Secondary School. We are part of a club at our school called the International Debate Team, and we are currently working with other schools around Canada and with Ocean Wise as the voices of the student stakeholders when it comes to looking at the state of biodiversity in our local area. Today we are reaching out to you to discuss  the steps that Brampton as a city is taking to ensure that we are doing our part in helping the environment. 

To begin, we are currently looking at the 2020 Biodiversity Goals and Targets for Canada. There  are four main goals, but we will be focusing mainly on Goal A: By 2020, Canada’s lands and waters are planned and managed using an ecosystem approach to support biodiversity conservation outcomes at local, regional and national scales. The related target is that  by 2020, biodiversity considerations are integrated into municipal planning and activities of major municipalities across Canada, and that is what we wanted to bring up to you today. Brampton currently has the Environment Advisory Committee and their purpose is to “assist, educate, and engage the community to advance the goals and actions of the City’s Grow Green Environmental Master Plan” but we wanted to know if there are any specific things that your team planned on doing to assist in reaching this target and eventually leading to the achievement of Goal A. Our local biodiversity is so important and we need to ensure that we make it a priority.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this email, we hope to hear from you soon. Thank you again!


Melanie Tran and Lorna Phan

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