Melanie T, Brampton. Activity 2

Environment   Nov 12, 2019 by Melanie Tran

My local Natural History Museum is the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), located in Toronto. The biome that Brampton belongs to is the temperate deciduous forest biome. We are exposed to warm and cold air masses. The varies widely from season to season. There are many different types of trees, shrubs and herbs that grow in the deciduous forests. Some notable organisms from my local area are the white tailed deer and fawns, and meadow voles. The biodiversity in my area is improving. Toronto and the GTA have a biodiversity strategy and some of their goals is to increase the quality and quantity of natural habitat, designing the built environment to be more bio-diverse and have less impacts on the natural environment,  and increase access and awareness of nature in the city. 

One of the most endangered animals around the GTA is the Piping Plover. When trying to find the answer to the question, I . found that there was an insufficient amount of data and I really had to search and research to find the answer. These records are very important because it ensures that we are keeping track of our own local biodiversities, and so that we can make sure we know which species are endangered so we can give them our attention and help sustain them

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