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Media   Nov 8, 2019 by Rachael Bell-Irving

While face-to-face engagement is impactful, sometimes it is logistically difficult. Social media enables us to engage with a large number of people quickly, connect people across geographical boundaries with the same issue, and share your message to the wide audience. In preparation for the Virtual Town Hall on November 18th, consider the role that social media may play in your community outreach, how you will utilize it to make a change moving forward.

The platform you choose to use should depend on the audience that you want to reach.

Twitter is the most effective platform for connecting with politicians, scientists, industry professionals, or companies. Most professionals working in conservation or government will have a professional twitter account, something that helps to promote their career position and network with other professionals.

For the purpose of the Virtual Town Hall, you can inquire with your school about access to the school’s account, or permission to create one for the school. You may also wish to consider making your own professional account. An online profile can act as a portfolio, help you to engage with networks, and create an online resume for yourself to utilize as you move forward with your own careers and campaigns.

Examples of professionals’ accounts:

Rhiannon Moore, Plastic Pollution Researcher: https://twitter.com/RhiannonCMoore

Greta Thunberg, Youth Activist: https://twitter.com/GretaThunberg

Boyan Slat, Engineer and Creator of The Ocean Cleanup: https://twitter.com/BoyanSlat

Tips & Tricks for Twitter

There are lots of ways to elevate tweets and use them to your advantage. For example, tweets can include pictures, videos, and polls in order to engage your audience. Hashtags, tagging, and geo-tagging work the same on twitter as it does on Instagram. The best practices are slightly different. For twitter, it is recommended to use 2-3 hashtags maximum per post.

Hashtags to use for the Virtual Town Hall



The Virtual Town Hall

Social media does not have to be activated only on November 18th. Social media helps us to continue the conversation pre and post events. Consider with your colleagues at school how you will activate social media leading up to, and after the Virtual Town Hall. Every like, share, or retweet all contribute to the overall number of people you have reached with your message.

Share your ideas below of how you could utilize twitter to elevate this initiative. Share your handles below and start to build your social media tool kit to use throughout the campaigning process. 

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