Activity 4 - Maria, Edmonton

Environment   Nov 7, 2019 by Maria Castaneda

Since I was unable to get a reply from my MLA, I have decided to explore the City of Edmonton website to see whether our government incorporates any practices that follows Goal A: Target 4.

One thing I have learned from the website is that it provides countless information on ways to conserve and manage Canada's waters. For example, the City of Edmonton website provides information on how to get involved in eco-ladnscaping practices at home and ways to maintain it. According to the website: "Eco-Landscaping reduces waste, fertilizer and chemical needs, conserves water and saves money through reduced energy and yard maintenance costs. It also reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions responsible for climate change." With reduced chemicals and fertilizers in our water systems, we are then able to help maintain water quality which runs in rivers and eventually used for our drinking purposes. Organisms living in, or by the rivers would not have t live in toxic environments that might put them at risk.

While I think eco-landscaping allows you to decorate your gardens the way you want, it's very limiting for many households because not many have the space to incorporate eco-landscapes in their homes. In addition to that, whether it's in a regular house garden or not, it might take too much time, effort, and money. This might discourage the person making it, or paying for it. 

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