Yuka H, West Vancouver: Activity 3

Oct 29, 2019 by Yuka
  • Goal C
  • Is your goal independent of all the other goals listed or is it interconnected?

Goal C is related to other goals such as goal D as if adequate and relevant information is available, people/citizens have more access to these information being more involved with the stewardship. It is also connected to Goal B as if people are more aware, they can reduce the production and consumption of resources. It is also related to Goal A through education as you can understand the reason why trying to keep a ecosystem approach is important because everything we do should  be trying to mimic natural processes. 

  • If we can solve one of these goals nationally do we solve any other goals?

It is not possible to directly solve all the goals through just solving goal C but it can pave the way to solve the other goals because there is a more well rounded understanding of the environmental situation. We will help solve other goals through solving goal C as access of information will make us more aware. 

  • If these goals are category headings, are there sub-categories or mini-goals we could achieve in resolving the larger issues? 
    • School education programs
    • Work place education programs
    • Better recycling programs
    • Energy awareness

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Nicole Lam
Oct 29, 2019

Work place education programmes sounds cool to me! Could you think of any nice ideas on work place education programmes? 

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