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Environment   Oct 28, 2019 by David Yim

Goal D. By 2020, Canadians are informed about the value of nature and more actively engaged in its stewardship.

- I feel like goal D is very connected with the other goals, all goal A, B and C.  This is because letting people realize the value of nature and actively engage in its stewardship is essential in order to accomplish other goals. 

- Completing Goal D would not resolve the other goals on its own. However, Goal D is a prerequisite of achieving the  other goals, because to resolve the other goals, people aware about biodiversity is necessary.

- Target 18 and 19 fall under Goal D. Both Target 18 and 19 is essential for making Goal D possible.

Target 18. By 2020, biodiversity is integrated into the elementary and secondary school curricula.

- By integrating biodiversity into the elementary and secondary curriculum, we can raise awareness about biodiversity among youth. By educating the youth about biodiversity, we can expect that in the future, more of the population will be aware about the biodiversity problem in Canada.

Target 19. By 2020, more Canadians get out into nature and participate in biodiversity conservation activities. 

By more people participating in biodiversity conservation activities, they can be a role model to the people who weren't as interested in conserving biodiversity, inspiring them to also participate in conserving biodiversity. Also more Canadians out in the nature means that they will learn more things from the nature and learn why they should conserve biodiversity, helping achieve goal D.  

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Rachael Bell-Irving
Oct 29, 2019

What kind of activities do you think would be most effective to engage Canadians in biodiversity, across our diversity of cultures, economics, and ecosystems? 

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