week 2 - biodiversity

Oct 28, 2019 by Madeline Laurendeau

Sorry this is so late! I've been very busy with other climate activism stuff!

The question of my local natural history museum is a hard one to answer, as Winnipeg does not have a dedicated natural history museum. The Manitoba museum has exhibits on natural history, but most of the museum is focused on human history and not the ecosystems we live in and the history of the land were on. Even with its focus on human history, It would still be Winnipeg's only natural history museum. 

The biome my city belongs in is the prairies, also known as grasslands, we live in a fully flat part of Canada with few big forests. The grasslands feature instead grasses, shrubs and herbs as our biggest source of vegetation. The majority of land outside of the cities and towns are devoted farmland, as agriculture is our biggest economy within Manitoba. 

Some notable organisms from my local area are moose, caribou, black bears, garter snakes and bison. 

the biodiversity In my area is strong in my opinion, I could not find any reports clearly stating this, but we have many protected regions and written legislation to protect our biodiversity. We have different microbiomes within Manitoba making it a meeting place for different species of flora and fauna, therefore we have a lot of biodiversity within Manitoba. 

An endangered species within Manitoba is the burrowing owl, it is currently protected under our endangered species act but is still at risk for extinction. 

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Rachael Bell-Irving
Oct 29, 2019

Hi Madeline. Our personal histories are important for recording biodiversity as well - For example, traditional knowledge of indigenous cultures can help us fill in the gaps of our knowledge, and understand the history of the area further back in time than we have physical records of.  How do you think Manitoba's efforts to protect biodiversity might be able to help other provinces improve theirs? 

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