Activity 2- What is Biodiversity?

Environment   Oct 24, 2019 by Alejandra Van Dusen

My local Natural History Museum is the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, home to Mega-Munch and Scotty the T-Rex. My city, Regina, is in the grassland/steppe biome. Some notable organisms in this biome include the sharp-tailed grouse (our provincial bird!), coyote, and white-tailed dear. I sort of live on the outskirts of town, and it is not uncommon to see coyote or deer in the field that backs my neighbourhood.  On account of the fact that I live in a city, the biodiversity is relatively weaker than it would be in a protected area. It is believed that the most threatened species in my area is the Greater Sage Grouse, with estimates that their population is under 100. 

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Jonathan Chou
Oct 24, 2019

Hi Alejandra, the area you live in sounds super cool!  Especially being so close to the museum and wildlife. I was also reading up on Maddie's post ( noticed that while she lives in the city, she sees that the biodiversity is weaker in her area. What do you think about the biodiversity in a more urban environment compared to a rural one like yours? Also, it'd be really cool to hear more about your experiences with the wildlife as I'm someone who lives in the city. 

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