Maddy, Edmonton, Activity 2

Oct 22, 2019 by Maddy

My local Natural History Museum is the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Alberta. Edmonton is considered an aspen parkland, which is a type of biome in between prairies and boreal forests. Some super cool organisms from my local area are: prairie dogs, saw whet owls and coyotes. Because I live in a city, the biodiversity in my area is weak. Even in the River Valley, there are many threats to local wildlife and biodiversity. 

What is the most endangered animal in your area?: One of the most endangered animals in my area is the burrowing owl. However, there is something wrong with this question. It assumes that only one animal can be the most endangered when in reality there are many animals that are considered equally endangered. This question is important, because living in a city, it’s easy to forget that we have our own wildlife that has its own struggles. It’s important to remember that even though the wildlife isn't abundant, it’s still necessary to protect.

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Rachael Bell-Irving
Oct 28, 2019

Great catch on the wording Maddy. You've highlighted how important choice of words can be.

Jonathan Chou
Oct 26, 2019

Hi Maddy, I'm also from Edmonton! It's super awesome to hear about my own city from the perspective of another. It is definitely really easy to forget about our own wildlife needs. Especially since we live in a city and the opportunity to see the wildlife doesn't really arise all that much. 

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