Quin J, West Vancouver, Activity 2

Oct 20, 2019 by Quin Johnston
  • My local natural history museums are the Beaty Biodiversity Museum as well as the Vancouver Aquarium. The biome that my city belongs to is the temperate rainforest. Some of the notable organisms in my local area are the five species of pacific salmon, humpback whales, the BC wolf, and the North American cougar. The biodiversity in my area is strong and stable in some areas; however, it is failing in others.

  • The most endangered animal in my area is the Vancouver Island Marmot. 
  • Why do you feel this question could be important? Is it important?
    • I do believe that this question is very important. In asking questions such as these, awareness is brought to the issue. In bringing awareness, it will make change possible and help make it much easier to aid the recovery of this species. I think that people all around the world should ask themselves questions such as these as declines in certain species will cause harm throughout biomes making it difficult for these problems to be reversed.
  • What did you notice was missing from the records?
    • I noticed that although the records on this website had information on certain endangered species, I believe that it is missing some information as well. For example, it noted that there are only 90 mature individuals of the Vancouver Island Marmot; however, the Southern Resident Killer Whale is down to 78 individuals as of the end of 2016, and this includes all those that are non-mature. Therefore, I believe that there are other species around this area that may have low numbers and are critically endangered, yet that are not on this list. Therefore I believe that finding the entire records will be imperative to the saving of many endangered species.

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Nicole Lam
Oct 28, 2019

I agree people all around the world should keep reflecting on these questions and how does the matter relate to themselves. In addition to that, we could all take one step further by initiating dialogues and conversations on species protection among friends, families and communities. Together we can bring changes! 

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