ESSMY, Activity 3: Exploring Canada's 2020 Biodiversity Goals & Targets

Environment   Oct 20, 2019 by Renee Burke

Ecole Secondaire Sainte Marguerite d'Youville

  • Is your goal independent of all the other goals listed or is it interconnected?

Goal B and Goal A share many similarities. Goal B is reaching to remove pressures from ecosystems, the primary goal of A is to create more National Parks in the Boreal forest. By creating conservation spaces for flora and fauna, we are taking pressure off of the ecosystem, less loss of habitat, pollution, human intervention, and more space and resources like water and food.

  • If we can solve one of these goals nationally do we solve any other goals?

Yes. For example, if Goal C and D are completed (Canadians have more information, biodiversity is taught to a greater extent in the curriculum, Canadians are more involved in nature, etc.), then targets from Goals A and B can be achieved more efficiently. Examples of those targets include:

  1. Target 4: By 2020, biodiversity considerations are integrated into municipal planning and activities of major municipalities across Canada.
  2. Target 5: By 2020, the ability of Canadian ecological systems to adapt to climate change is better understood, and priority adaptation measures are underway.
  3. Target 13: By 2020, innovative mechanisms for fostering the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity are developed and applied.
  • If these goals are category headings, are there sub-categories or mini-goals we could achieve in resolving the larger issues?

By solving Goal B we are achieving the goal of responsibly managing Canadian resources, such as forestry, which can translate into responsible practices in other fields, like petrol, agriculture, etc. We would also be using science to determine our habits and how we exploit resources. Science would also help us to manage invasive species, which become more prevalent because of climate change and affect biodiversity, and help to adapt and innovate.

Target 6 By 2020, continued progress is made on the sustainable management of Canada’s forests.

  • Continuing to invest in this industry to develop better and more efficient methods of responsible forestry.
  • Reducing everyday paper use. Phasing out certain household items that may be replaced with other, more environmentally friendly options.
  • Keeping certain major ecosystems safe and refraining from cutting within such ecosystems.

 Target 7 By 2020, agricultural working landscapes provide a stable or improved level of biodiversity and habitat capacity.

  • Continuing to create ecosystems that have the capacity to support diverse life-forms.
  • managing a healthy, diverse ecosystem requires it to be left alone to some degree, and to develop naturally.
  • Using an alternative to harmful pesticides.

 Target 8 By 2020, all aquaculture in Canada is managed under a science-based regime that promotes the sustainable use of aquatic resources (including marine, freshwater 

and land based) in ways that conserve biodiversity.

  • Investing in the research of aquatic life and problems that they are facing.
  • Refraining from over-fishing. Especially selective over-fishing, which creates an imbalance in an ecosystem’s diversity.

Target 9 By 2020, all fish and invertebrate stocks and aquatic plants are managed and harvested sustainably, legally and applying ecosystem-based approaches. 

-Only fish for specific species at certain times of the year to allow reproduction

-Use methods that are sustainable: No more net fishing because it can catch thousands of fish at a time, and also results in a lot of by-catch, which can ensnare birds, turtles, and other unwanted and endangered species. Generally more sustainable methods are hook-and-line and fish farms.

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Nicole Lam
Oct 28, 2019

Great that you think of numerous ways to resolve larger issues! What other stakeholders do you think we could approach so as to solve large issues or together?

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