Avalina Z, St. Albert AB: Activity #1

Environment   Oct 17, 2019 by Avalina Zenari

• Biodiversity to me means having an abundant variety of living creatures and organisms that coexist in balance throughout our Earth’s ecosystems. It means having a natural diversity of flora and fauna that connects and builds upon each other to create stronger and better habitats for all species. Biodiversity is something that I strongly believe we should try our utmost best to protect and preserve for future generations to come.

• The biggest obstacle I face when wanting to make a change is capturing the attention and participation of others around me. I think that getting all people to really care about social justice initiatives and such is quite difficult because most people in society aren’t thoroughly educated about the problems our world faces today. I believe that we must find more ways to inform people about current events so that when we need to make a change, more people can help support and guide that change in a direction that’s in the best interests of our communities as a whole.

• Our personal history affects the way we view sustainability because of the fact that we all have different experiences and opportunities. Our past history alters the way we see our present world and future. It affects how we view and value things like our environment, the concepts of biodiversity and sustainability.

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