Alisha M, West Vancouver: Activity 2

Environment   Oct 15, 2019 by Alisha Ma
  • My local biodiversity museums are the Vancouver Aquarium and the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. The biome my city belongs in is the temperate rainforest. Some notable organisms in my local area are bald eagles, black bears, great blue heron, raccoons, beavers and Canada geese. The biodiversity in my area is stable, but still at risk to the threats of pollution and industrialization.
  • The most endangered animal in my area is the Vancouver Island marmot. According to the ICUN Red List, this species is critically endangered. This is a result of habitat loss and degradation. In looking at the records, I noticed that there was a lot of missing data for certain species in my area. The level of endangerment, the current population and other key pieces of information were missing. This is a critical problem because the records help us track the status of the species. The records can help us forecast the future of the species and figure out what conservation strategies can help that particular species.

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Sam Pelkey
Oct 18, 2019

Hi Alisha, great job! It's clear you have a lot of passion for the environment, which I've seen in some of your past posts as well. Have you seen Areeba's post for this week? I think you have a lot of similar passions for the environment. I'd be curious to hear what you think about her description of where her passion for the environment comes from - might be something worth asking her about in a comment on her post?

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