Maria, Edmonton: Activity 1

Environment   Oct 8, 2019 by Maria Castaneda

So...this is my second time writing down everything here because I accidentally highlighted all of my stuff and deleted everything that I just said.

Anyway, I'm Maria, I turn 17 years old on October 23rd. I'm from Manila, Philippines but I moved to Edmonton, Canada back in December 17th, 2013. I prefer soft shell tacos and through this experience with Ocean Wise, I hope to find ways to protect and improve ocean life. And I hope that these solutions I am able to come up with are ones that many people could easily participate in. The more the merrier!

I live on Treaty 6  territory. It is important that we acknowledge because the Indigenous people of Canada have been living here wayyy before us and therefore, it's important to take into account the things they have done for this country and for themselves, and us. 

The Philippines has a very high biodiversity because it is an archipelago (w/ over 7000) and it is close to the equator. So, it is pretty much a tropical country. Biodiversity is very important to me because despite growing up in the capital, I was taught to be grateful of the things nature has to offer us and to respect such things. Back in the Philippines, because seafood is easily accessible especially compared to Alberta, all of our fish are directly from sea or the river, and brought to the capital. So the thought of the fish markets not being as busy as before due to the decrease in seafood saddens me. 

I'm sure many young people today could relate to this. I think that many of us are afraid of being made fun of when we try to advocate for change. Take Greta for example, many people are mean to her and tell her that she should just be a "normal" kid. Moreover, because we have so many things occurring in our daily lives that we have to balance, we tend to burn out and get tired. We lose passion in things we used to love and have a hard time finding our way back. At least I do. Can you relate?

Lastly, because many influential political leaders, and societies, around the world have been so keen on individuality and doing what's good for the economy,  there's this idea that you're gonna earn everything you've worked hard for embedded in our brains. Yes, that is true, but I think only to a certain extent as many people were not given such opportunities others may have been granted with since day 1. And again, life happens. As a result, as the economy of a country becomes richer, what happens to those individuals left behind? What happens to the environment that we've so carelessly deprived of its resources? Because we tend to become greedy, we've become used to taking too much and leaving none for others. 

P.S. I admit, while some baby boomers do get annoying, I understand where they are coming from and I try my best to acknowledge things they were taught as kids and the ideas they stuck with.

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