Hannah B, Saint John, Activity 2

Oct 6, 2019 by Hannah Breneol

1-My local Natural History Museum is the New Brunswick Museum located in my hometown of Saint John, in southern New Brunswick. We have two facilities in Saint John: the museum itself that holds the visual displays of the history within the province, and then the archives/research library located on the same street as our school. Most interesting is the archives, which hold 3 main collections( Botany, geology/palaeontology and zoology) as well as 3 principal collections, one of which focuses on the botany of New Brunswick. This is The Ganong Library which is the accumulation of the works of New Brunswick Botanist, Dr William Francis Ganong, from 1864-1941.             -these records are important to document the history of diverse species and specimens along with their historical occurrence to compare to more recent samples.

-The biome of Saint John is classified as a cool, temperate, wet forest.                -An obstacle I faced while trying to find the biome was the lack of records associated with climate records. This made it difficult to compare old climate records to recent climate records.

-Notable organisms in my area would be those of which found in the Bay of Fundy. These species are all mammals including porpoises, dolphins, seals, whales and smaller sea life such as starfish and fish. This area has been ranked above the Great Barrier Reef for its extensive food chain and diverse range of creatures.

-The biodiversity in New Brunswick currently is slowly diminishing due to the loss of habitat for many species. There are plans implemented for the protection of these species, however, the future of the climate and the destruction of more land is uncertain so there is no clear way of knowing if biodiversity will escalate.

2- According to the IUCN Red List, the most endangered species in New Brunswick are the Freshwater pearl mussels, the Wood Turtle, the American Elm, and Furbish’s Lousewort.

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Sam Pelkey
Oct 18, 2019

Hey Hannah! I love how detailed your knowledge is of the New Brunswick Museum - have you been there a lot?

I'd be interested to see what you think of Alisha from Vancouver's blog post, since you both live in coastal areas on opposite ends of the country - what similarities/differences are there, and what challenges does biodiversity face in your areas? Maybe you can leave a comment on her post and let me know what you guys talk about!

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