Quin J, West Vancouver, Activity 1

Oct 6, 2019 by Quin Johnston
  • Biodiversity for me is the reliance on one another and the working together of different species in every ecosystem. It represents the fact that if one small part of an ecosystem is changed, the entire ecosystem must change along with it. I believe that in order for an ecosystem to be healthy, an ecosystem must be biodiverse, and therefore must be unaffected by non-natural factors. Myself being an avid fisherman in the Vancouver area, I've seen the need for biodiversity first hand. As there are fewer sea otters, the number of sea urchins rises. Along with this comes a loss of bull kelp as this is a primary food source for these urchins. Furthermore, the loss of kelp beds creates a decline in salmon in the area due to the decline in hiding and resting areas for the many pacific salmon species.

  • I feel that the largest obstacle I face is in finding something that I am capable of doing, yet that actually has an effect. I feel that though there may be many different programs and such around, finding something that is organized and well set-up, yet that is centered around teens. Though there are many environmentally conscious people in the area, it seems as though many teens and people around my age haven't a certain drive nor a sense of responsibility to make a change and therefore they do not even attempt. For this reason, I believe that it is imperative to create a program and such that are directed at teens as they are those who are capable of making a change, yet are either unwilling or do not feel that they have the options available to them

  • For me, my entire life I've lived on the north shore of southwestern British Columbia. Though I've been fortunate enough to visit multiple other areas in the world, I can never stay away for long as the place that I've grown up in is hard to beat. From the ocean containing some of the most incredible and beautiful sights to the mountains and the clear winter evenings of alpenglow and tired legs after a long day of skiing. For this reason, I believe that the area in which you grow up, and how you are aware of your surroundings has a large effect on our willingness and our view on making a change for the environment. Being in an area and noticing the changes that are happening around us is a large factor for wanting to make a change not only within ourselves but in our communities as well. I fear that in my future I will look back on my past, reminiscing on my memories of an abundance in snow and the ability to ski from November to May as well as the ability to fish for salmon, only to see activities that are no longer a reality. For this reason, I want to make a change and aid in the creation of a world in which we all have a sense of importance for sustainability and biodiversity.

  • I live on the traditional Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh territory.

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Maria Castaneda
Oct 8, 2019

The second point is very important and should be talked about more. :/

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