4A. Down the Drain challenge

Environment   Dec 8, 2018 by sankalp shrivastav

Types of things went down my sink

Water, soap, toothpaste and mouthwash

My technique while estimating the amount of liquids that went down my drain were  by tracking the activities I did that whole day. I started at around 10 AM to 11 pm.

My list of activities.

  • Brushed my teeth around 10:10 am and 11 pm (about 3 liters)
  • Went to the bathroom  about 3-4 times(Shower included)(64 liters)
  • Washed my hands 10-15 times(7 liters)
  • Washed dishes(15 liters)

The amount waste I think enters the ocean and how wastewater is treated in my city

Edmonton in not next to a ocean we have a river which passes through so it should be fairly low compared to coastal regions, there are many wastewater treatment facility in Edmonton that recycle water to a certain extent.

Besides my bathroom and kitchen, other drains that may lead to the ocean

There are not many other drains I think that may lead to ocean.

The synthetic clothing I am wearing that is plastic

There are not many synthetic clothing I wear they are usually cotton, when I wash my clothes the washing machine used collects the solid waste with the filter attached to it and the waste is disposed.

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