Athabasca River for 2B. streams and rivers assignment

Environment   Nov 12, 2018 by Harsh

  • Describe the route that your waterway takes to return to the ocean

—> The Athabasca River is the longest river in Alberta (1,538 km). The first 168 km (located in Jasper National Park) are designated as a Canadian Heritage River. Athabasca river flows northeast and drains into lake athabasca and then it flows into the Slave River and joins the McKenzie River, which eventually drains into the Arctic Ocean. 

  • Hypothesize the conditions that would persist in the river as it traveled from your home to the sea. 

—> The city we live in -Fort McMurray, Alberta surrounds a portion of the Athabasca River. River flow is highest during the summer and lowest during winter, and it is ice-covered from mid-November to mid-April. As the river athabasca travels northeast the water in the river would get more colder every time. 

  • Thinking back to the plastic mockumentary from the pre-conference activities: Imagine you placed a plastic bag in your waterway. What would happen to it? Would it make it other ocean? Consider the conditions you identified and suggest what kind of life the plastic bag would have in your waterway.

—> If we placed a plastic bag in a Athabasca River then it will flow to the Arctic Ocean as there is no natural or man made water filtration process in the rivers of athabasca which can remove any kind of waste from the water. There are also chances of fishes or some kinds of wildlife species will eat that plastic and they can die because of the digestion problem with that plastic they ate before and that dead fish will be eaten by other fish or animals which are hunted by humans and humans eat that fish or animals with plastic in their body and humans can also die because human body can not digest plastics. Plastics in the river of athabasca can kill water animals like fishes, ground animals like bears and humans. 

—> To help our environment and world we should keep our rivers, streams and especially the water in the whole world clean and pollution free we can achieve this goal by coming together and helping our environment being green and healthy and also by taking a step forward towards cleaning our water and by stop mixing chemicals to the water. 

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