5A - Plastic Challenge, Yellowknife, Abby Thompson & Abby Shears

Environment   Nov 1, 2018 by Abby Shears & Abby Thompson

While completing the plastic challenge, we used a few plastic products that could been avoided. We went to tim hortons and forgot our reusable mugs so we ended up having to use a cup, we ate popsicles and there was plastic wrapper around them that we could have avoided by making our own, and we used plastic dental floss instead of searching for a natural alternative.

Some plastics we used were unavoidable like google packaging. We are swimmers and when our goggles break we have to buy new ones which come in a ridiculous amount of plastic, but unfortunately this is how they all are sold. Since we live in the north, there are very few places to get natural alternatives to everyday products that create a lot of waste, which was our biggest obstacle during this challenge.

Our advice to aid in your completion of the plastic challenge would be to prepare, think ahead, and realize that the smallest change can help. If you care and actually try you are making a huge step in the direction towards a sustainable planet.

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Rian Hoyle
Nov 1, 2018

It's crazy thinking how everything we use has plastic, I also encountered some avoidable plastics like take out containers and such but what shocked me more were the unavoidable plastics like the envelope from a package I received or the wrappers from food I by. One step I've taken is taking no garbage in my lunch which you can read more about on my blog post about it but the experience has proven easy are worth it.