1B - Our Perspectives on Plastic, Fort McMurray, Lokesh Patel, Avi Pandya and Krish Shah

Environment   Oct 30, 2018 by Lokesh Patel
  • How do you view plastic?

Plastic is a utility that aids our industrialised society. Unfortunately, it poses threats to the environment, greenery, and ecosystems. In our opinion, we believe that the threats of non-biodegradable plastics outweigh the benefits. Even though alternative sources are available, many people still continue to use plastic throughout their day-to-day lives. We view plastic as a double-edged sword, it is immensely useful in our everyday lives but it constantly harms our environment.

  • What are the positives of plastics?

Plastic is a resource used for packaging, transporting, and is a key element in all items that affect our lives.  The main reason that people heavily abuse plastic is due to the cheapness of its production and utilisation.

  • What are the negatives of plastics?

Even though people heavily rely on plastic, there are many negatives that come with using plastics. Plastics greatly harm our environment and damage our ecosystems. In the end of their journey, plastics end up in the Great Pacific garbage patch; marine life is directly impacted by the pollution in the ocean. For example, sea turtles may get caught in the plastic harming and potentially choking them.

  • Is there a feasible solution Canada can make towards making an impact on the plastic problem?

Firstly, the implementation of biodegradable plastic in certain consumer products such as plastic bags and water bottles work toward lowering the pollution caused by the plastic. It may be hard to implement due to the industrial process that is already in use. They are also less visually appealing and more expensive to produce. Other feasible solutions include the implementation of policy to ban the single-use plastics. We can also lobby major companies to stop applying plastics in their products.

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Rian Hoyle
Nov 2, 2018

One options of replacing our regular plastic is hemp based plastic which is biodegradable and completely safe and easy to produce. However many are hesitant to use hemp since it is the same plant that marijuana grows on. I think if we promote other plastics companies may see the benefits of switching.

Lindsay Rankin
Nov 1, 2018

Hey Westwood High! 

Such great points you've brought up! I'm loving all the brainstormed solutions we as a country could adopt to make a bigger impact on the plastic problem and I'm actually hoping you can share some of your sources about biodegradable plastic, I had no idea such a thing existed! Can you share a link about it? Or maybe an industry that is currently implementing this option?

I think you're right policy is going to play a huge role on the banning of plastics nation-wide. Do you think it would be an easy movement for this large country? Would certain regions have more push back you think? I'm interested to hear your thoughts!