5A: Plastic Challenge, Saint John, Robyn Maillet and Tori LeRoux

Environment   Oct 28, 2018 by Robyn Maillet

Were there any plastic products that you could have avoided?

Yes, we could've avoided the use of the straw and the sandwich bags. Honestly straws are not necessary we could have just completely not used one and it wouldn't have impacted my life at all. The use of the straw does however does impact our oceans and whatever sea creatures live there. Instead of using one-use sandwich bags we could have used a glass or metal container.

Was there any plastic that was unavoidable?

The tube that the paint brushes came in, the Pringle container, and the coffee Keurig container were unavoidable since they came in those at the store. For example we cant just get them to hand us the coffee grounds or the chips. Although we could've sought out organic and healthier options.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced during this challenge?

During this challenge we didn't have a large obstacle we faced. Our families are already quite good at recycling and giving things like for example plastic butter containers new life by cleaning them out and then using them to store things like tacks, bobby-pins, nails, screws...etc.

What advice or strategies would you suggest to others to help them go plastic free?

Invest in glass Tupperware, get a reusable water bottle, purchase biodegradable products,etc. in order to avoid the plastic. If you can't do this then learn to be creative and re-use the plastic by being creative.

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Rian Hoyle
Nov 2, 2018

How many days did you keep track of your plastics?