4A- Down the drain Challenge Hassan Alhussainy/ Canada, Edmonton, Alberta

Environment   Oct 28, 2018 by Hassan

I studied myself wisely while doing the 24 hour down the drain challenge.

Throughout the day, i went to the washroom three times, brushed my teeth twice, washed dishes for a family off 5, plates, cutlery, cups etc

While i was doing the dishes, i rinised each item for about 30 seconds. Soap, small food particles, and soda went down my drain. I don't know how much of my waste enters the ocean, but doing my research i know 1.4 billion of our worlds waste goes into our ocean yearly.  We have two wastewater treatments in Edmonton, every time we flush the toilet, take a shower, or pull the sink plug, our water gets sent down to our wastewater treatment facility. There, they collect and treat sewage from 900,000 people within the city of Edmonton. That is more than 200,000 million liters of sewage annually or enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool more than 220 times every day

The way Our Edmonton waterwaste treatment treats our wastewater involves:

Removing dirt and debris, converting solid waste into renewable energy, using microorganisms to remove biological nutrients harmful for fish and the river and uv disinfection to kill bacteria and viruses harmful to humans   

7 gallons of the water wasted after each flush, going to the washroom three times, thats 21 gallons of water gone in a day.

Other then kitchen and bathroom drains, there are storm drains that also lead to the ocean.

When you wash a piece of clothing that is made of plastic, those plastics turn into small microplastics that are very small and cant be seen, those will end up in many things, like the water you drink.

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Lindsay Rankin
Oct 29, 2018

Hi Hassan, 

Great post! I was really impressed with your detail in your log. Question for you though... you said " 1.4 billon of our worlds waste goes into our ocean yearly" ... 1.4 billon of what? pounds? tonnes? I'm curious! 

Really neat fact about Edmonton's Waste treatment centre too... can you share with me a link where I can learn more about it?