1B- Plastic Mockumentary- Hassan Alhussainy-Canada Edmonton Alberta

Environment   Oct 26, 2018 by Hassan

Plastic is what many people use as a helpful material in their everyday life, whether its a plastic bag carrying our items or a plastic utensil that helps us eat. or maybe its the plastic from the clothes we wear, plastic is used on almost anything. 

I feel like the positive side to plastic is that its helpful with making materials like clothes, furniture such as lawn furniture or playground equipments, or building a nice deck in your backyard made up of plastic lumber but most of the time with positive sides comes a negative side, the negative side is that it is very very harmful for us, the environment and for animals. Plastic doesn't biodegrade especially when it reaches the ocean, it takes 20-1000 years to decompose plastic. Plastic also contains harmful compounds that can be in our water.  I feel like canada should ban plastic bags in all of canada, helping us commit to using resuable shopping bags, then after people start to see the huge positive outcome we can move on further to banning more plastic items  like plastic utensils, doing small things like this will have a huge impact and can eventually lead to bigger things we can do to help our enviorment.

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