5A: A Plastic Challenge, Saint John, Madelyn O'Hara

Environment   Oct 24, 2018 by Madelyn O'Hara

Going plastic free was difficult. Plastic is use in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Over the course of my challenge I found it difficult to remove common plastic items from my life, with the most difficult area being my school lunches. Generally, when making my lunch, I pack a sandwich and snacks. The plastic bag that I tend to use for my sandwich or any other snacks was easy to replace with plastic and glass containers. Where the problem arose was trying to find a substitute for applesauce containers and the packaging of small snacks, like cheese strings. I was surprised by how many single-use plastic items I use daily, without even realizing it, or giving it a second thought. My advice to anyone attempting to live a more sustainable, plastic-free life style, would be to use reusable containers whenever possible, and to make your own snacks, like cutting up cheese and carrying it to school in a container, as opposed to buying and wasting all of the plastic that is in a package of cheese strings.

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Rachael Bell-Irving
Oct 25, 2018

Great suggestion! Simple, yet effective. Making our own snacks also helps us to eat healthier because we control what goes into our food.