Where is our Waste: Westwood, Ft. McMurray, Farah, Tithi, Aanal, Nishita, Prachi, Saakshi, Devanshi, Harsh, Heet, Lokesh, Priyank, Chintan, Frank

Environment   Oct 23, 2018 by Farah
  • Why do you think these differences and restrictions exist?                                                                                    The Restrictions exist as a result in different waste being produced such as toxic and chemical waste from Industries. This also results in more regulations on Industry. Industry also has limited opportunities in recycling due to these safety regulations.           
  • What surprised you the most in your exploration of recycling?                                                                                What surprised us are how many people, including ourselves, did not know how to recycle our plastic and in our school system there is no implemented recycling system for cardboard and paper.                      
  • Why do you think the infrastructure has divided in such a way?                                                                              Industry is treated as more of a priority especially with the many various waste products it produces, especially living in a oil field city where there are many pollutants that can spread to other areas. If not recycled properly there diseases and chances of pollution. Residential is more held to the individuals responsibility.           
  • Were there any items you identified that you have been recycling wrong?                                                               Batteries, sharp objects           

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Nov 9, 2018

I also live in Alberta and it kinda sucks because that's is where the biggest oil field is and where most oil is produced for Canada. Unfortunately it does have many pollutants that can spread to other areas, like what you said.

Rachael Bell-Irving
Oct 25, 2018

Did you find an answer on how to recycle batteries?