2A-What is a Place? Edmonton, Alberta. Maddy, Rian, Sankalp, Nabila, Hassan

Culture   Oct 21, 2018 by Maddy

What is a place?




  1. a particular position or point in space.
  2. a portion of space available or designated for or being used by someone.

That is the standard definition of place. But what else is considered a place? A place is your home, somewhere where you have a sense of belonging, a spiritual connection. ‘Place’ doesn’t have to be somewhere physical. It can be your family or a good group of friends. Maybe place is your job and the work you do for your community.

How can people experience place? How can you gain a sense of place in your local environment?

People experience ‘place’ in a variety of different ways. When someone goes back and learns about their ancestral background and the roots of their family they are experiencing their place in the world. You can gain a sense of place when you go to school, participate in community activities, or when you do volunteer work. There are also small ways like the style of clothes you wear. All these things show your place.

How can you share your observations and ideas about living things in your environment to help someone else learn about place?

If someone is unsure of their place they can get involved in their community and talk to new people. A good example of this is First Nations speaking about their experiences. There are a lot of these presentations, especially in Canada, so if you are wanting to experience place first hand, we would recommend going to one of them. Something one can do on their own is finding important dates about where you live and getting the perspective from all sides. It is easy to forget that there are two sides to a coin, and that the only way to truly understand something is to hear every account.

Place cannot simply be defined as “a particular position or point in space”. To really define place you have to dig deeper, look closer, and get the entire picture. We hope that this inspires some of you to find your own place. 

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