3A: Hour Waste Audit, Brampton, Mansi Thind, Anisha Sharma, Shivam Abhi, and Isha Trivedi

Environment   Oct 18, 2018 by Mansi

Picture of sample recycling bin.

Picture of sample garbage bin.

The average contamination rate at David Suzuki Secondary School is around 10%, while the average diversion rate is 74%. The sample size was quite large considering that we worked alongside a class for this audit because one of the projects for this class was to do a waste audit. This audit was done at school. One key factor that had an impact on my results is the location of where we did said audit and which garbage and recycling bins were sampled. Each part of our school is separated into pods; there is a business pod, a math pod, a global studies pod, etc. As expected we saw that garbage bins sampled in the global studies pod were almost perfect, while garbage bins that were in the cafeteria had more contamination. The biggest takeaway that we saw was that at David Suzuki Secondary School, the contamination rate is fairly good; however, we do need to fix our diversion rates. Overall, actually seeing these results helped me realize how much waste there is at our school, and even though we are fairly good at keeping our waste separate from our recycling, we do need to cut down on the amount of waste actually produced. 

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Nov 9, 2018

I love how you added images as a visual example!