4A: Down The Drain Challenge, Saint John, Jacob Moore

Environment   Oct 17, 2018 by Jacob Moore

During the challenge I only ever used the sink when I washed my hands. I was honestly surprised to have only used the sink six times in a day. Other than that the only water I used was from showering and using the bathroom. In some cases the soap going down the drain would be harmful to marine life, having contained micro-beads that fish could swallow, but at my house and school the soaps don't contain any. Despite the water in Saint John being treated (at least to my knowledge) before entering the ocean, things like micro-beads and the synthetic fibres (also made of plastic) from clothes pass through those facilities and end up in the oceans anyway. It is certainly a problem because most of the clothes people own are made of Polyester, which is synthetic, so every time a load of laundry is done tons of micro-fibres are sent out into the ocean for the fish we eat to chew on.  It's fantastic to think about. 

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Nov 9, 2018

When you said that your school does not use soap that contains micro-beads, that made me really curious on if my school does the same or not!

Rian Hoyle
Nov 1, 2018

It's so hard to avoid plastics from entering the water because practically everything is made with plastics but hopefully as technology improves one day there will be a way to filter micro-plastics out of the water. In the mean time every action makes an impact.