1B:The misuse of plastic in our society, Saint John, Juan Berasategui Gallego

Environment   Sep 26, 2018 by Juan Berasategui Gallego

This video addresses the actual problem of plastic bag in a different, innovative, and smart way.  The humor that it is used in the mockumentary is ideal and funny. However we have to pay attention to focus on the message of the video through the irony.

I think plastic is necessary in our daily life, I could name so many things that are imprescindible and made out of plastic. However we take it for granted and usually we consume unnecessary plastic, such as plastic bags, or plastic bottles. 

It is a great material that can be shaped in uncountable ways, and relatively cheap to produce and manipulate. Plastic would be the perfect material for third-world or least developed countries, as long as it was used in controlled quantities, sadly the reality is way different. Added to the price and the simplicity, the impermeability it is a great property of plastic, which in addition to the other qualities makes it one, if not the most, convenient material existent.

However plastic is a double edged sword. It can be convenient in an economic way, but the problem comes when we use it without any common sense. Plastic is very harmful to the environment, therefore we should keep the use of it, as low as possible. Although being inexpensive to produce, plastic production effects are terrible, firstly because all the water needed in the process, which is a lot; one of the main components of plastic is oil, this causes enormous amounts of greenhouse gasses to be released into the atmosphere.

In my opinion, Canada is one of the countries with the best environmental awareness in the world, and Canadians should be proud. However I think that there is always room for improvement. Relating to the video, I thought about two feasible solutions for the use of plastic bags in Canada. The first measure would be, to limit the amount of plastic bags clients can get at a grocery store. The amount of plastic bags that a person receives will depende on the amount of money they spent: $0 to $24 = 1 plastic bag, $25 to 50= 2 plastic bags, and so on. I think this will change the way people use and throw away plastic bags, making them a more limited good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The second solution is related with plastic bags too. I think that we could raise awareness of the problems that plastic is causing in the environment, if we emulate what the government makes cigarettes companies do, that is to say, include shocking, and non-pleasant images reflecting the consequences of the abuse of the product, in order to make the consumer more responsible of their actions.

Juan Berasategui Gallego

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9 Comment(s)

a different perspective but interesting choice of words, I also think that people should be charged for loitering plastic

Rian Hoyle
Nov 1, 2018

I agree that Canada has exceptional awareness when it comes to the environment and that our country wants to make a genuine change (Oceanwise is a great example) I also think your plastic bag idea allowing only a set number of bags based on money spent is a great thought and maybe one day it'll be in effect!

Benjamin Green
Oct 29, 2018

Canada has the opportunity here to lead by example for other countries. I really like your ideas here about how we can do this. 

Oct 26, 2018

Love the way you put out your thoughts into this blog. I agree, there are benefits to plastic but like you said, sometimes the way we use plastic is just a waste and unnecessary especially with supermarket packaging, but i do have to say, many plastic cant be recycled so maybe our next step is if we MUST package items with plastic, that we should make sure to use recyclable plastic instead of plastic that will 100% for sure harm the environment and have no purpose or use.

Oct 8, 2018

Very thoughtful and well-worded blog!

Oct 3, 2018

Very thoughtful and well executed blog post.

Jacob Lane
Sep 27, 2018

Very good ideas, interesting platform to attack this problem.

Jacob Moore
Sep 27, 2018

I've never thought of putting warnings on plastic bags. I think that might actually be a great idea. If you had a photo of a sea-turtle or a penguin with a plastic ring from a six-pack around its neck, people would surely be more aware of what their plastic bags are really doing. Not only could you have warnings, but what about taxing the plastic bags so they cost more than the reusable ones? That way people would easily decide to purchase the cheaper option. 

Hannah Breneol
Sep 26, 2018

I definitely agree with your point about making our country more aware of these problems. Before Canada can make decisions on what to change, our nation needs to be more educated on everything happening in the environment.