1C Shoreline Cleanup at Sa-Hali Secondary (Kamloops)

Environment   Sep 26, 2018 by Cecile McVittie

In the midst of a busy week and with several club members finishing up organizing our school's Terry Fox Run tomorrow, we held our first Shoreline Cleanup. We kept it to the Club, because it's such a busy week and didn't advertise. The 8 of us went out to clean up around the new bike/pedestrian path being built between our school and Peterson Creek, a creek that runs through our downtown core. Sa-Hali is on the hills above the downtown area. So the wind that usually blows from the east probably takes all of our school litter down into the ravines below our school and into Peterson Creek. We found lots of plastic fencing debris left over from nearly a year of construction. We like that the new path will encourage cyclists and pedestrians, but the construction process left us all anxious and with big headaches due to nearly a year of soil compacting which shook our whole school at various times.  The path also has gone over budget, thanks to water seepage from a spring deep beneath our school fields. Definitely a situation full of positives and negatives. Please view the link to the photos we took to give you an idea of what the path and our environment are like!

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Oct 26, 2018

Like you have mentioned, a situation of positive and negatives! The important thing is that you've done your part and did as much as you can to clean up the area despite the debris left from the construction workers, and the fact that 8 of you did this together without the help from the rest of the school is absolutely awesome and its great to see the effort you've put into the shoreline clean up! Amazing job!

sankalp shrivastav
Oct 25, 2018

our school hosted a school clean up and by the way I like your pictures

Rian Hoyle
Oct 18, 2018

My school is hosting our clean up tomorrow but unfortunately we don't have easy access to a shoreline so we will be limited to the school's fields. I find upsetting that there was construction debris left behind by workers but it's so nice that your school did this. 

Nhi Phan
Oct 14, 2018

 Good job! From the pictures, I can see your worry. But with your help in collecting plastic debris, I hope when the new path is completed, things would get much better. Cheers!
-Nhi, from Edmonton, Canada-

Sarah Flynn
Sep 29, 2018

So great!!!! Way to go Kamloops crew!

Love the pictures :)