2b. Water filter

Environment   Nov 6, 2017 by Bavethra S and Riya S

Physical filtration:

As filtration today is highly promoted in the easiest sense of having paper-like substance to absorb the excess fluid that is either necessary or not while leaving behind the solids and other highly dense liquids behind. Even though this might be the most useful method in the physical filtration chain, there needs to be more loops of the liquid going through the filtration once more. Primarily using filter paper is a good choice, as it is made of cellulose (cell wall build up) and has a hollow-like structure that many people use as a good part of the filtration system. Now with the filter paper down, there needs to be a chamber to help travel the liquid and to cover the system whole, using chemical formulas there is one that can be used in the process, that being copper or even polyvinyl chloride, but using copper is better based on the simplistic element. As it doesn’t dissolve in water or reactive with it, it is the best alloy for the pipes and outdoor shell of the filtration system. Now there will be a continuous loop of the water filtration until it would be automatically opened on a certain commanded seal, there will be two pathways, one for the substance and one for the water.

Chemical disinfection:

In a chemical disinfection, it should be noted that the dirtied water solution should be boiled so that it could remove any solids in the substance and decompose until there is only a container of oxygen left. Like this for instance, a solution of lead (II) Hydrogen Oxide:


Pb(H2O)2 (s) à Pb (s) + 2H2O (l)

Or if the substance suffered extreme single displacement due to lead’s reactivity:

Pb (s) + H2O (l) à 2H (g) + PbO (s)

Then consider boiling the substance entirely to decompose and bring back the oxygen gas and hydrogen gas to their liquid state of water:


2PbO (s) à 2Pb (s) + O2 (g)

(^ means in the presence of heat).

O2 (g) + 2H2 (g) à 2H2O (l)


This would be recommendable as having the chemical disinfection process first and the physical filtration as the last step to help filter out the water is helpful for the solids left in the water solution. This is best technique to use in the thought process for people who think that looping filtration and constantly re-calibrating the compound to subjugate the newfound substances that should not be found in water.

When reverting to the use of this filter and how it can be used in the industry today as Canadian Water Technologies is working highly on lakes that contain the freshest water and most easily filterable, not including salt water as it not only damages the human body, but is also hard to remove without turning the water into a gas. But when it comes to underdeveloped countries like Africa, the water there must be boiled manually by the person who will eventually drink it, there is no functional industry that can help solve the water crisis, as there are over a 1,000 people who manually boil it themselves or find other routes like filter paper. So, if these industries would turn to under-developed countries and use simplistic methods and create a factual clockwork loop where they take the water and heat it depending on the substances trapped, then also take the water and deposit it into the machine where it times the loops that go around to filter out the water, then after remove the remaining water and have a good enough water to drink. Not only will they have water to drink and an industry helping them, they also get more job opportunities and better lifestyle.

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