Oct 31, 2017 by Isabel Verbisky

How do these simulations help you (or not help you) find your place in combating climate change?

These simulations helped me find my place in taking down climate change because the simulations I completed gave me insight and awareness in regards to the subject, and through them I learnt that we should be decreasing carbon and water usage, and it is in that area that I can help out.

Have these simulations changed how you think climate change should be tackled?

I think these simulations have really put into perspective how much of these resources I use, and it helps me visualize and understand that everyone should cut back on the use of these resources. Completing these simulations is really eye opening, and I would recommend them to everyone to get a sense of how much you use on average, because it is easy to live without ever realizing how much you are damaging the earth. 

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Sarah Flynn
Nov 5, 2017

Hi Isabel, So great to see you reflecting on your own impacts - I was totally blown away by the simulations and understanding my own impact on our natural resources. 

In the days since you completed the activities, have you had any ideas on the changes you'd like to make as a part of this process?

Looking forward to hearing more! 

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