8A. Final Project: Social Media Campaign


Youth have the power and the ability to shape the world that they will be living in for the years to come. With effective communication, your voice has a major impact on the current decision-makers and helps to propel you to be change-makers yourselves. 

Share your social media posts attached to a blog post!


To create a successful campaign, plan out your strategy. You can use these 8 steps to help guide you! They include:

  • Define the problem you with to address
  • Undergo Market Research - (this includes is our survey and the results)
  • Define your campaign mission - (we will use the survey data to see what needs to be communicated most in your school/community)
  • Select your strategy
  • Define your metrics of success
  • Recruit your campaign team
  • Establish a budget - (in our case lets think of time as our budget)
  • Launch and manage your campaign

By using your knowledge gained throughout the program, your survey data from your school/community and these steps, you can create change through communicating the 4 "R"s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle).  Think of what you have seen on social media that was really powerful and stuck with you.

If you would like some examples to help guide you take a look at some of the campaigns, posts and accounts below.

The social media platform you choose to use should depend on the audience that you want to reach. 


Twitter is the most effective platform for connecting with politicians, scientists, industry professionals, or companies if that is your target audience. Most professionals working in conservation or government will have a professional twitter account, something that helps to promote their career position and network with other professionals. 

Tips & Tricks for Twitter

There are lots of ways to elevate tweets and use them to your advantage. For example, tweets can include pictures, videos, and polls in order to engage your audience. Hashtags, tagging, and geo-tagging work the same on twitter as it does on Instagram. The best practices are slightly different. For twitter, it is recommended to use 2-3 hashtags maximum per post.

Hashtags to Include for your Social Media Campaigns





Ideas for a less wasteful holidays:

Looking for free open source layouts, images and more? Check out these free online resources:

  • Canva - Free design layouts for posts, projects and more!
  • Pexels - Free open source images.
  • Unsplash - Free open source images.
  • Pixabay - Free open source images.

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