3C. Design Thinking Product Challenge


What plastic waste would you like to see replaced?

Lets use design thinking to create a plan to find solutions!


  1. Pick a plastic waste item you would like to see replaced with a more environmentally friendly product.
  2. Watch this video on design thinking to see how we will approach our product design process.

3.  Use the PPT resource attached to this assignment on the right as well as Allen Langdon of Return It sharing their single use coffee cup solution from our Week 3 live discussion to help you work through the design thinking process.

4. Use the design thinking process to come up with creative solutions to the plastic waste item/problem you chose.

5. Share your design idea and design thinking you used in a blog post (title your post "name(s)"-Design Thinking Challenge). Visualizations of this welcome as well! Photos and digital work can be uploaded to the gallery and linked in a blog post.

6. Check back on other participants posts and comment on at least one other.

Plastic Straw Example

Empathize: plastic straws are hurting animals

Empathize: people need straws for sanitary and accessibility reasons

Define: how do straws function, what is the actual problem: the plastic they are made of, not the straw itself

Ideate: come up with ideas – what other materials could straws be made of? How do we keep plastic straws out of the environment?

Prototype: paper straws pros/cons, metal straws pros/cons

Test: what have people tried? What is working/not working?


Implement: get it out into the world but never stop evaluating

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