4A. Beyond Plastic


Explore ways to live 'greener' or more sustainably and design beyond plastic.


Watch both the 'Living Plastic Wise' and 'Going green shouldn't be this hard' videos.

While watching try to answer these questions:

  • How many plastic bags are thrown away by Americans every year?
  • How much did three communities charge for a plastic bag bringing down the number people taking one from 75% to 16%?
  • Today, who is responsible for product packaging?
  • How many kg's of carbon dioxide is using a cellphone for a year equivalent to?
  • What simple policy change is suggested to make going 'greener' easier for everyone? (It has helped California head towards their greenhouse gas emissions target.)

Write a discussion post in the forum on the following. Feel free to add a picture of a waste reduction feature of a business near you!

  • What recycling limitations does your community have? Are there items large cities are able to recycle curbside whereas your community is not?
  • What recycling and Return-It resources do you have easy access to?
  • Name at least three companies in your community that provide ways to help you limit your waste and how? (Ex. bulk section, recyclable packaging, Return-It or recycling stations, use of sustainable energy etc.)
  • What sustainable practices could one of your favourite or most frequented businesses improve on? How could you educate them and show this issue matters to you and other customers?

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