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Youth Empowering Youth

Welcome to the Ocean Action Page!

In this community you will find the activities, resources, and dialogues between youth across Canada and around the world - who have collaborated to make a difference in their communities, their schools and their countries. With the guidance of expert mentors as well as communicating with each others, youth around the world are taking up the challenge of conservation and impacting the world around them.

Explore through the different initiative and see how much these incredible young leaders care about their world, their oceans and their communities.

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Launch of the Canadian Youth Biodiversity Network

Posted by Danika on February 24th, 2020

After today's presentation Vienna Pozer share the launch of the Canadian Youth Biodiversity Network ( 

I thought it may be of interest to the group as CYBN aims to be a networking platform connecting youth all over Canada to work on the common goal of biodiversity conservation. Their mission is “Empowering Canadian youth of all backgrounds through collaboration and sharing resources in a participatory network on the issues concerning biological diversity in Canada for the well-being of nature and future generations.”

We reach out to CYBN members ahead of Canadian Biodiversity Decade meetings to get their views on Canada’s positions.

Thanks Vienna!

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