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In this community you will find the activities, resources, and dialogues between youth across Canada and around the world - who have collaborated to make a difference in their communities, their schools and their countries. With the guidance of expert mentors as well as communicating with each others, youth around the world are taking up the challenge of conservation and impacting the world around them.

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Contribute to national water strategy report!

Posted by Danika on July 18th, 2019

The Prime Minister's Youth Council is submitting a National Waters Strategy and they want to include your voice!

The report will submit text by fellow Canadians that have the health of the Oceans and of water at heart. If you want your voice to be heard to the Federal Government, you can write a short text of half to 3/4 of a page on the oceans, water or various subjects of your interest, more details in this PDF Eau-Gouv Can.pdf !

If possible he would need these texts by the end of this week (Friday the 19th).

Send your contributions to and she will pass them on to the council member.

Thank you!

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