Reflection is an important part of the learning process. You can submit reflection pieces as often as you like; however, we request the following (click each link to learn more):

1) Baseline Reflection
You can choose any format you wish for this reflection (ie. written, drawn, photo collage, video, etc.); this is an opportunity to express yourself! Tell us how oceans are important to you, why you are participating in Direct Action and what kind of change you hope to make. This reflection will help to bring you into the experience and provide a point of reflection for you as you move through the program.

      2) Monthly Photo Reflection
      Choose a photo that best represents your Ocean Bridge Direct Action experience each month; you should have at least 3 submissions. You can upload your photo to the Gallery.

      3) Final Reflection
      This final reflections comes at the end of your placement, and focuses on Self, Capacity Building & Community Engagement, Leadership & Professional Development, and Ocean Connection. You may choose any format you wish to present your final reflection.

      We understand that reflections are often personal, especially if you’re immersed in a new or transformational experience. For this reason, you always have the option to submit your reflections privately – let us know if this is the case for you.

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