Welcome to Virtual AquaSchool!

Welcome to Virtual AquaSchool!

We welcome educators, parents, and teachers to join us for a Virtual AquaSchool experience from the comfort and safety of your own environment. 

Our goal is to engage students in a way that ignites their passion for conservation and incorporates their prior knowledge and interest as they learn about real-world issues. 

Each cohort of Virtual AquaSchool will run for four weeks. During that time, participants will have access to a once-a-week web-based "class" as well as discussion boards, shared galleries/photos, and other supporting resources. Participants will be highly encouraged to consider the endless opportunities for student self-discovery and those special ‘a-ha’ moments that spark a life long curiosity and respect for our oceans. 

Virtual AquaSchool will equip your students and children with the skills to become better observers, creative critical thinkers, and youth ambassadors in a rapidly changing environment. 

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Some words from our Indigenous Knowledge Coordinator, Myia Antone

Posted by schong08 on July 22nd, 2020

Some words from our Indigenous Knowledge Coordinator, Myia Antone…  

We respect and uphold the importance of Indigenous Knowledge about conservation and protecting the land and animals for future generations. Indigenous Traditional Knowledge is place-specific and must come from their specific communities because not all of this knowledge is for the general public to know. Indigenous communities have faced violence, extraction, greediness, and loss of land and resources when knowledge is shared too widely. Therefore, it is important to understand that Indigenous communities have the right to choose what teachings or information that they want to share; we should not be demanding this knowledge nor teaching lessons that do not belong to us.   

As a result, unless we have been given express permission, there is no specific Traditional Knowledge shared in this program. Instead, we acknowledge the diversity of Indigenous cultures and knowledge globally. We  however understand that common threads, teachings and approaches exist amongst these Nations. Threads such as respect, kindness and reciprocity weave through teachings and remind all of us of our responsibilities towards these teachings.  

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