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At Ocean Wise, our mission is to inspire the global community to become Ocean Wise by increasing its understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans. Our Children & Youth Programs are immersive ocean education experiences that foster love for our oceans through fun and interactive activities, engaging over 9,000 children, youth and families in marine science annually.

Through our programs, we inspire the next generation of leaders to develop concern for the environment by experiencing awe and wonder as a child.

AquaCamps: offer your children a fun, educational experience never to be forgotten. Our camps are filled with hands-on activities, animal observations, crafts and time to run around outside to fully engage your children in an environment that encourages active learning. Children will learn about local and exotic animals, life cycles, food webs, adaptations, ecosystems and sustainability. Register online!

Junior Biologist Club: explore the animals, science, and research that happen behind the scenes at the Vancouver Aquarium and in ocean science research. Get ready to dive into a series of adventures to gain a better understanding of our aquatic planet, the technological innovation in Aquarium research and what we need to do to better protect our oceans. Register today!

AquaTots:  Hands-on, unique, sensory engaging activities will immerse you and your young child in ocean sciences through discovery, arts and crafts, songs, games and gallery exploration. Discover the amazing wonders of the ocean in a safe, nurturing environment with our Ocean Wise educators, making new friends – children and animals alike! 

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 604-659-3493.

Have a Splash of a Birthday: You’ll touch marine invertebrates like squishy sea cucumbers, sticky anemones and prickly sea urchins in our Wet Lab before heading behind the scenes for a visit through our Jellyfish hallway. As an added bonus, the birthday child will be named an Honorary Aquarist and will get to feed our fish in the two-story Strait of Georgia Pacific Canada Pavilion, one of the Aquarium's largest exhibits.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call - 604-659-3504.

Spend an Incredible Evening at the Aquarium: Choose one of five programs for your group to explore through hands-on, inquiry based activities, experiments and exploration. Get behind the scenes to better understand Aquarium operations, and dive into topics like climate change, resource extraction, pollution and habitat destruction while fully engaging your senses, mind and wonder.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 604-659-3504.

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Ocean Depths to Tree Tops - a Virtual Summer Camp!

Posted by haileyrenaud on July 29th, 2020

Via interactive video talks and activities youth will learn about marine and terrestrial ecology, community science and connection to place.

From blobfish and plankton, to bats and berries. Join the Stanley Park Ecology Society and Ocean Wise for a journey from the depths of the ocean to tree tops in a virtual summer camp engaging youth on local habitats and how to get involved to help protect them. We will explore nature around us through art, activities, short presentations, Q&A and more. What challenges do these ecosystems face? How can we use community science to make a difference? Find out on our journey through nature from home!

Join for single days or the whole week! Each day, participants will be given an optional activity to do on their own in the afternoon. There will be an optional session in the afternoon to come back and share what you did, or if you are participating the whole week, you can share in the break-out session the following day.

BOOK TICKETS HERE:  https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/ocean-depths-to-tree-tops-a-virtual-summer-camp-tickets-113019303780?fbclid=IwAR0sGIt1OEkwUOa4VcYHqJ6ZA-aTHgH3N1NHtef_6YHpYdWI9Lrb7bXfKfg

Ages: 11-15

Platform: Zoom

Dates: August 17-21, 2020

Daily Schedule:

9:30 -11:30 am -
Welcome, Group Sharing, short solo activity, learning sessions from SPES and Ocean Wise, and an introduction into an optional activity to do in the afternoon!

11:30 am - 12:00 pm -
Optional Q&A session

12:00 - 2:15 pm -
Lunch and optional activity time

2:15 pm -
Optional sharing session for single day participants

Daily Descriptions:

Day 1 – Sea to Sky

On day one, we will explore the different spaces that plants and animals inhabit from sea to sky. First, we will swim through the different ocean zones, focusing on creatures of the deep sea and the adaptations that help them survive the challenges of ocean depths. As we reach the shoreline and step onto the land, we will discover the places that life is found, focusing on the only mammals to truly fly through our planet’s skies – bats!

Day 2 – Hidden Worlds

Dive into the ocean to explore the diversity of plankton and how these microscopic organisms support life in the ocean. As our journey continues, swim upstream to find out about tiny freshwater creatures hidden just beneath the water’s surface – freshwater macroinvertebrates. You will also learn how both ecosystems are impacted by pollution and microplastics.

Day 3 – Apex Predators

Today we’re getting close to nature’s large and in charge animals – apex predators! On land we will look up to the skies at bald eagles, the amazing predators of land, water, and tree tops. After, we will take a dip in the ocean to swim alongside sharks, the mysterious predators of the ocean. Find how you can help these animals find food just by paying attention to what you eat for dinner!

Day 4 – Where Water Meets Land

As we float toward the end of our week together, we will investigate the special spots where water meets land. In the forest, we will explore some of the plants and animals that rely on riparian zones, the areas where streams and rivers meet the land. Then, we will wade into the intertidal zone to learn more about this world that changes by the hour. These habitats are not only important to the organisms that live there, but can be crucial for overall ecosystem health, and are under many threats from human activities.

Day 5 – Helping Our Habitats

On our final day, we will reflect on the challenges that our world’s habitats are facing and the stresses that we put on natural ecosystems, like introduced species and climate change. In the ocean, we will explore the benefits eelgrass habitats provide and how we can protect it. Then, we will hop back on land to learn about the importance of native species in maintaining local biodiversity, and how you can help scientists by recording what you see with an app.

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